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Cultilene Cultilene Block



Colecciones: Medio de cultivo

Categoría: 6" Cubes, C_GROWMEDIA, C_ROCKWOOL, Cultilene, Grow Media, Rockwool

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Cultilene is a genuine propagation specialist: from the melting of the basalt, until the transformation to germination plugs or growing blocks, everything takes place under close supervision. Doing so gives us the opportunity to control the entire chain, and that makes our products more uniform, firmer and more productive. Cultilene offers a much extended product range of propagation products, but is also equipped and willing to produce tailor-made products.

Cultilene has the following characteristics:

  • At least 5% more roots per plant and more in the top of the cube
  • Superb air to water ratio
  • A fibre structure that holds water longer
  • Less resistance for the roots to grow in the block, resulting in better roots for "fragile" crops
  • A fibre structure that enhances faster initial rooting
  • All products are uniform and comparable with each other
  • Guaranteed firmness

    A plant is a product of nature, and its roots naturally grow in the soil. However using soil is not always convenient. Cultilene has now managed to bring man and nature closer. The fibre structure in our X-fibre slab?allows?the plants to root as easily as they would in the soil. This designed natural structure of the X-fibre means that the plants and growers can perform better than ever.

    The advantages of X-fibre:

    • Fibers are mixed in all directions, giving faster (initial) rooting
    • A unique air-water ratio
    • Very accurate control over water content and EC
    • Faster and more efficient drain
    • Easy to re-wet
    • Excellent homogeneity
    • These characteristics are consistent to the end of the crop

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