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Cultilene Slab



Colecciones: Medio de cultivo

Categoría: C_GROWMEDIA, C_ROCKWOOL, Cultilene, Medio de Crecimiento, Otros Tama?os, Rockwool

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If you want to produce one of the best products on the market, you’ll need the best growing medium. Low quality, unreliable, and inconsistent growing media will produce plants with those same characteristics. Professional growers who take pride in their work choose Cultilene rock wool as their substrate.

Cultilene is one of the leading manufacturers of slabs for hydroponic cultivation worldwide and provides the horticulture industry with consistent and reliable rock wool products. Their motto, “Cultilene cares”, is evident from the constant innovation and evolution they bring to the growing and propagation worlds.

The advantages:

  • Superior oxygen levels especially in the bottom 2.5cm of the slab
  • Less water roots and more air roots because of higher oxygen levels
  • Total slab use with fantastic root distribution and re-saturation
  • Can be used with a wider range of dose sizes and irrigation strategies
  • Good control during decreasing day length and difficult growing conditions
  • Vegetative and generative steering



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